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In an era when citizens demand more collaborative relationships with government agencies, municipalities must rely upon technology to improve services and increase efficiencies.

SunGard Public Sector has delivered software and service solutions to local government and public safety and justice agencies for more than thirty years. Our objectives are simple—to connect your employees, your departments and your constituents through the latest technologies, and in doing so, to improve communications and service delivery. Our products help communities:

  • Update their technology to help increase efficiencies and engage citizens
  • Improve the reliability and security of customer data
  • Manage the outsourcing of government services to third-party providers
  • Increase the safety of citizens and officers in the field

ONESolution is the latest generation of SunGard Public Sector’s products for public administration, public safety and justice. The .NET based software suite utilizes leading user interface and communications technologies, including service-oriented architecture (SOA), to provide a true enterprise-wide experience, helping to create critical data connections across municipalities. 

Finance Officer
  • A single enterprise-wide solution for managing fund accounting
  • Automation of tasks to help eliminate repetition and increase efficiency
  • Managing contracts, grants and other accounting requests through a single system
  • The reduced IT needs of a Web-based interface
HR Director
  • An enterprise-wide HR solution integrated with your financial system
  • Creation of up-to-date reporting on employee performance
  • The ability to track employees from the application process on through dismissal
Judge, Court Administrator
  • Automated, simplified case processing throughout the system
  • A centralized database of cases and people for information sharing
  • Integration with the OSSI Public Safety Suite
  • Subpoena generation and service tracking
Planning Director, City Engineer
  • Tracking development projects throughout the construction and inspection process
  • A map-based user interface built real-time using Google data
  • Support for online building permit requests
Police Chief
  • A computer aided dispatch (CAD) system
  • Digital transfer of information to officers in the field via mobile computing
  • Information sharing capabilities through multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction support
  • A single system to manage crime analysis and reporting

Local governments, public safety and justice agencies, non-profit organizations, and the citizens they serve can envision the future happening today with SunGard Public Sector.

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