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Flexible and integrated, the ONESolution Justice suite automates and expedites time-consuming tasks. Our Justice software tracks all case information from initial logging of potential cases, to trial and conviction.

Accommodates all case types, including:

  • Criminal
  • Juvenile
  • Investigations
  • Civil Forfeitures

Our multi-jurisdictional court management software supports Judges, Prosecutors and Court Administrators by automatically generating and tracking all:

  • Case-Related Documentation
  • Fees
  • Docket Entries
  • Court Schedules

ONESolution Justice and Court Management Software increase efficiency by making critical information and data more accessible. Streamlining communication and eliminating redundant data entry between all judicial offices.

ONESolution Justice software applications include:

  • Court System
  • Probation and Parole
  • Prosecutor
  • Public Defender


  • Enter cases, records and people only once
  • Check instantly for conflicts of interest
  • Allow information sharing with a centralized database


  • Log potential cases by police report or other initiating sources
  • View online histories of potential cases in order by defendant, attorney, date received, crime type or originating agency
  • Search the master name index by defendant’s name, date of birth or Social Security number

Local governments, public safety and justice agencies, non-profit organizations, and the citizens they serve can envision the future happening today with SunGard Public Sector.

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