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In today’s technology integrated world, people have come to expect immediate access to information. For government agencies, adjusting to this new accelerated pace of doing business can be cost-effective and provide better service. By providing self-service options, eTRAKiT and CivicTRAK can enable your agency to better engage and connect to the public.

These apps for web and mobile devices allow for instant collaboration resulting in a quicker turn around and overall more effective business process. Using the CivicTRAK app, citizen requests and results are immediately posted for easy access, routing, scheduling and updating. Requests that previously took weeks now only take days to complete. eTRAKiT and CivicTRAK help improve efficiencies and communication.

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An effective government knows that meeting public demands is an integral part of providing greater citizen satisfaction. By providing public access through eTRAKiT, agency staff can focus on other areas through the reduction in inquiries.

  • Public and staff alike can access permits, projects, licenses, codes, inspections, and land information.
  • Greater citizen satisfaction with 24/7 accessibility to information integrated directly into an agency’s website.
  • Convenient online access allows the public to request inspections, upload plans, apply for permits, obtain application status, or even pay fees online.
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Government agencies have long recognized the need to listen to their citizens to accurately identify problems and apply real resolutions. CivicTRAK offers citizens the power to rectify matters and improve their community by reporting issues through the ease of an App.

  • Citizens can connect with government agencies from their home and (or) office through the convenience of an App.
  • A citizen can simply take a picture and (or) send a message through CivicTRAK.
  • Provides the means to capture citizens needs, collect caller information, and track a request.

Local governments, public safety and justice agencies, non-profit organizations, and the citizens they serve can envision the future happening today with SunGard Public Sector.

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