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TRAKiT System

The TRAKiT system is comprised of a series of interrelated modules that are tightly linked with a GIScentric database, to provide an easy-to-use system for creating, issuing, and tracking any type of Community Development activity directly from the parcel fabric. A single screen interface allows users rapid access to all the modules and interfaces within the system. The information tree format helps users in any module to easily identify what development activity has occurred and its impact on future activity.

The core TRAKiT package includes:

Property Data Management Module
GeoTRAK is at the heart of our system providing comprehensive land data obtained from the Assessor’s office to ensure accuracy. Users can conduct a preliminary screening of a property and then link a project, permit, or code complaint case directly through GeoTRAK.

Permit Management and Inspection Coordination Module
Streamline your agency’s permitting process by tracking the unique workflows for all types of permits from initial application through issuance. Everything the user needs from contact management, related permit information, plan review tracking, inspector scheduling, financial details, and any other required information is captured in PermitTRAK.

Central Directory for Architects, Engineers, & Contractors
AEC TRAK provides instant access to all information associated with individuals who do frequent business with the agency, as it relates to permits and projects. Any type of professional can be tracked including, architects, engineers, contractors, and surveyors to name a few. Common information associated with these contacts can be viewed from a single screen for quick accessibility.

Citizen Response Management Module
Tools needed to quickly capture and manage citizen issues are organized through CRM TRAK. As issues are received through the phone or Internet, it assists by effectively monitoring opened and closed issues, as well as the exact location of the occurrence. Recurring issues and complainants can all be linked together to ensure that issues are handled in an appropriate manner.

Management of Planning & Development Activities Module
ProjectTRAK manages the workflow for all types of projects through the project lifecycle, starting with the application through the review and approval process. All actions assigned and any conditions of approval can be recorded for future evaluation. By providing attachment capability, plans can be scanned with mark-ups and linked as part of the project’s history; different plan cycles can be captured for future reference.

Management for Code Enforcement & Compliance Activities
CodeTRAK provides incident and activity management while tracking the workflow for all types of code enforcement activities from the time a complaint is received through compliance of the incident. When a complaint or violation is entered on a property, CodeTRAK has the option to lock down the parcel record and place a flag on all records associated with the property.

Local governments, public safety and justice agencies, non-profit organizations, and the citizens they serve can envision the future happening today with SunGard Public Sector.

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