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Integrated Voice Response (IVR)


VoiceTRAK IVR incorporates the latest technologies for integrated voice response (IVR) solutions. VoiceTRAK interfaces with our TRAKiT application to provide inspection details right through the use of a touch-tone phone.

VoiceTRAK has inspector and contractor access options. Contractors can schedule or cancel inspections and obtain inspection results 24 hours a day without needing to contact the agency. Inspectors can result or reschedule inspections in the field providing real-time updates to TRAKiT.

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  • 24/7 access to information
  • Easy to use interface
  • Professional voice prompts
  • Real-time updates provided
  • Integration with an inspector’s work calendar
  • Leave messages for inspectors providing enhanced communication
  • Role based security access
  • Out of the box, hosted solution does not require configuration
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Automate the Process

Save time and resources by automating the inspection process via phone.

24/7 Availability
Access and schedule inspections via touch tone phone 24/7 for greater citizen/contractor satisfaction.

Pre-defined Call Flow
Out of the box, ready to use voice prompts and workflow.

Hosted Solution
No hardware purchase necessary, this solution is hosted completely by SunGard.

Local governments, public safety and justice agencies, non-profit organizations, and the citizens they serve can envision the future happening today with SunGard Public Sector.

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