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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It is well understood that solving a crime is often a lengthy process, requiring much patience as information is pieced together from various sources. Greater insight is now available through advanced technology to help analysts solve crimes quicker. These new tools pick up on trends that may have previously gone unnoticed.


Newport Beach Police Department, a SunGard Public Sector customer since 2014, uses the company’s Crime Analysis Plus (CA+) application with their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS), and other modules in the SunGard Public Sector ONESolution suite to solve crimes faster. CA+ aggregates and visually displays crime-related information so officers can see where crimes are being committed, and get a better idea of who might be committing them.  The Newport Beach crime suppression team takes information from CAD (where officers are deployed), and RMS (criminal arrest records), and visualizes the information in a way that can be easily digested and used to make actionable decisions.

In addition to displaying crime trends, CA+ also has built-in keyword functionality, allowing officers to search on specific words or phrases. In Newport Beach, officers often make notes about crimes where surfers’ cars are being broken into, so the word ‘surf’ might return information about related crimes in the area. Officers can then see trends and patterns, and adjust their patrols accordingly.

CA+ also provides a level of predictability. Newport Beach Deputy Police Chief Dennis Birch and his crime suppression team recently noticed a higher volume of house calls related to burglaries around dinner time. While looking at data in CA+, Chief Birch was able to proactively deploy officers to be visible during dinner hours, resulting in a reduction of that type of crime.

“Ultimately, we really like the CA+ tool, but it is more than that, it is the entire SunGard Public Sector system,” said Chief Birch. “The folks at SunGard Public Sector have been very helpful as we’ve continued to customize and refine the platform to really make it work for us.”

For more information on SunGard Public Sector’s CA+, please click here.



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Thursday, August 18, 2016

ONESolution Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) from SunGard Public Sector connects emergency responders and dispatch personnel to life-saving information. However, before it’s deployed in the field, the software must be load tested to ensure it holds up to real-world demands and real-world users. The process helps to establish baseline metrics, such as checking for load, volume, and scalability, while identifying bottlenecks and applying fixes for improvement. Load testing is commonly used, but particularly crucial, in producing simulations that mirror real life incidents – often high pressure situations, when lives are at stake.

SunGard Public Sector recently enlisted the help of Microsoft to load test the capacity of its ONESolution CAD at large-scale implementations for Tier 1 agencies across the country. Over the course of two weeks of load testing at a Microsoft lab, the SunGard Public Sector team was pleased to see that ONESolution CAD successfully processed 1,000 calls per hour, with all the measured transactions executing subsecond. This load test included 200 CAD workstations and simulated over 5,000 mobiles. Additionally, most of the transactions like E911, arrive, at hospital, reset watchdog timer, and clearing durations were all processed in under ½ a second.

In short, ONESolution CAD met or exceeded the Performance Acceptance Criteria (PAC) as defined by the test plan, proving the software, already widely used in agencies across the United States, is more than capable of handling the demands of major cities and counties.

With 30 years’ experience providing software solutions to PSAPs, SunGard Public Sector understands that the most important aspect of a CAD system is its reliability and performance. The standards set at the Microsoft lab continues in the SunGard environment with the testing of each new release of ONESolution CAD, using the same scenarios and measurements that exceed the demands of large agencies.

We know that software reliability is paramount to our public safety customers and it is also of utmost importance to SunGard Public Sector.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

It’s late at night and a local 9-1-1 dispatcher receives a call from an alarm company to report a burglary in progress in a local home. The dispatcher enters the details into the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, which sends a team of officers to the address to apprehend the suspect. When the officers arrive at the house, something doesn’t look right; there’s no activity to be seen in the house. The house in question is in a rural part of town, so the front door is unlocked and the officers decide to draw their weapons and enter the residence. The only problem is, they are at the wrong location; the dispatcher had mistakenly input the address incorrectly in the CAD system! Imagine the embarrassment for that local law enforcement agency as they had to explain to the frightened homeowner they were simply at the wrong address. Imagine how that scenario could have been much, much worse had the homeowner been armed and reacted out of fear.

IMG_7704(Hi Res)This isn’t just a hypothetical… it’s a situation that has occurred repeatedly in recent years. 9-1-1 calls, even from alarm companies, are susceptible to human error. That’s why in 2005, the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International and the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) partnered to develop the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP).
ASAP was developed to provide a standardized data exchange for the electronically transmitted alarm information between an alarm monitoring company and a 9-1-1 dispatcher. In locales that have implemented ASAP, alarm operators know if there’s an ASAP-participating agency. And with a few keystrokes on the alarm operator’s console, all of the data about the alarm event and the alarm system, i.e., alarm type, location, trigger points, permit information, is shared with the 9-1-1 center’s CAD system. The entire alert takes fewer than five seconds. Thus, the telephone calls between the alarm companies and local public safety answering points (PSAPs) is completely removed. Additionally, because the data shared from alarm companies to PSAPs is standardized and automated, it is the most accurate information in a PSAP’s CAD system.

The first ASAP CAD interface was written by Bill Hobgood, a project manager on the public safety team for the City of Richmond, VA’s IT Department. “I was invited to an APCO conference in 2004 to talk about ways we could eliminate the millions of phone calls from alarm companies to PSAPs. Terry Hall, Director of the York County, VA PSAP, and Pam Petrow, now CEO & President of Vector Security, asked if we could automate the process, and I said it was possible. After a brief two-year development period we launched the first pilot,” Bill recalled. Bill’s hometown, Richmond, is now an ASAP operator.

ASAP was first piloted July 2006 in York County, VA and August 2006 in Richmond, VA with Vector Security.  Soon thereafter, James City County, VA became the first of many SunGard Public Sector customers to go live with ASAP. Most recently, Guilford County, NC began using ASAP with its SunGard Public Sector CAD system, as did Boca Raton, FL. Both agencies are anticipating a massive reduction in the number of calls its 9-1-1 operators receive; some estimates from Guilford County suggest the telecommunicators will handle 20,000 fewer calls per year! Across the country, ASAP is operational in more than 13 PSAPs and SunGard Public Sector has helped support the cause; nearly half of these PSAPs – like Boca Raton and Guilford County – are SunGard Public Sector customers using ONESolution CAD. ASAP is thriving in major cities like Houston, TX, Richmond, VA, and Washington, D.C. It’s not just PSAPs who are on board; 8 of the 10 largest alarm companies – including the largest, ADT – are participating in the rollout, with more to join. There’s no doubt that ASAP is the way of the future for PSAPs and alarm companies.

ASAP has become noticeably better since being implemented across the country. Call processing time from alarm company calls typically takes two to three minutes. With the implementation of ASAP, that time is reduced to a few seconds, which means departments can respond to alarms faster and more efficiently, with the certainty that they’re also more accurate.
Subsequently, citizens have seen tremendous benefits from decreased response times, less mistakes and fewer miscommunications.vector 3-10-13-430-resize

They are not the only beneficiaries; 9-1-1 telecommunicators are finding the reduction in call volume allows them to focus on the calls received from their citizens and getting help to the point of need for these potentially more serious or life-threatening calls faster. There have been financial benefits too; in Houston they’ve seen more than $400,000 in savings thanks to a reduced call volume after implementing ASAP.

“One of the main reasons for ASAP’s early success has been our tremendous partnership with SunGard Public Sector,” Hobgood noted. “Not only has integration with SunGard Public Sector’s ONESolution CAD been involved in nearly half of ASAP implementations to-date, they’ve also been evangelists of the system, and helped their own customers realize the benefits of reduced call volume for PSAPs. Thanks to their advocacy, PSAPs across the country are increasingly looking into implementing ASAP in the near future.”

ASAP has been tremendously helpful in reducing telephone calls from alarm companies to 9-1-1 centers, eliminating miscommunications between alarm operators and 9-1-1 dispatchers, and reducing 9-1-1 center processing times to generate enhanced responses from police, fire, and medical responders. SunGard Public Sector is pleased to help agencies like Guilford County, NC integrate ASAP into their existing SunGard CAD system to realize these benefits. For more information on SunGard Public Sector’s ONESolution CAD offering, please click here.

Click to download the complete case study.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

 On December 31, 2015, a woman was walking through a parking lot when she noticed two young children alone in a parked car, so she decided to try to text 911 for help. Most people would have just called 911 but the woman, who is deaf, was unable to. She pulled out her phone anyway and sent a text message to the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety hoping someone would respond:

Woman:  “Does anyone work on text?”

911:  “Alpharetta/Milton 9-1-1.  If it is safe to do so please call 9-1-1.  If not, what is the address of the emergency?”

Much to her surprise, the woman was able to use text messaging to “talk” with a 911 dispatcher from the Alpharetta Public Safety Department. The Department, a SunGard Public Sector (SunGard) customer, happens to be one of only a few local Atlanta-area 911 centers leveraging NextGen 911. NextGen 911 supports the transmission of text, images, video, and data to a 911 center.

This first-time experience with 911 texting in Alpharetta proved just how successful the service could be for deaf individuals. The 911 dispatcher was able to respond to the woman’s text and continue the conversation in an effort to get all the necessary details before dispatching an officer to the scene. “We’re very grateful [to her],” said George Gordon of the Alpharetta Public Safety Department , via WXIA-TV in Atlanta, GA. The deaf woman initially wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but has two children of her own and didn’t think it was right to leave young children alone in the car. She later said she was just grateful the 911 dispatcher answered her text.

Alpharetta Public Safety Department’s NextGen 911 is supported by and interfaces with SunGard’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software, streamlining communication, improving officer safety, and enhancing emergency communicators’ situation awareness. For more information about SunGard’s CAD offering, please click here.


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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lake Mary, Fla. – October 22, 2015 – SunGard Public Sector, a leading provider of software solutions and services to public safety and local government agencies, today announced its schedule of events and presentations during the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 2015 Conference, taking place at McCormick Place West in Chicago, October 24-27.

At booth #3625 SunGard Public Sector will present its full suite of public safety and justice tools, including:

  • Record Management Suite (RMS)
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Freedom®
  • Jail Management System (JMS)
  • Mobile Computing
  • And many others

The highlight of SunGard’s presence at the conference will be a panel discussion from 3:30-5:00 on Tuesday, October 27. The panel, titled “Better Together: How Multi-Jurisdictional Agencies Stay Connected,” will be hosted by SunGard Public Sector Vice President and General Manager of Public Safety & Justice, Kevin Lafeber. It will include a robust discussion on multi-agency use of shared technologies, cooperation between different jurisdictions, and interoperability. The panel will be in Q&A format and will feature Michael Gregory, Assistant Chief of Police, Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Chief Rountree, Winston-Salem Police Department and Chief John Cox, Purdue University Police Department.

SunGard Public Sector will have a significant public data presence at the conference, also demoing its new data solution for public safety officials called Public Connect, in IACP’s “Agency of the Future” demo area. Officials from SunGard Public Sector will also be present in the main showroom area to discuss Public Connect and other open data tools as part of its now year-old strategic partnership with Socrata.

“IACP is one of the best opportunities we have every year to connect with our core customer community: the public safety officials who keep our streets and communities safe,” said Kevin Lafeber, Vice President and General Manager at SunGard Public Sector. “This is an important event that lets us hear from them about their needs, and also present the very latest solutions for their agencies that we’ve worked hard to develop over the year.”

For more information on registering for IACP, click here.

About SunGard Public Sector

SunGard Public Sector serves a wide range of customers—city and county governments, public safety and justice agencies, non-profit organizations, and state and federal government agencies. SunGard Public Sector products include public administration and public safety and justice software applications, as well as cloud-based services. These solutions help our customers and the citizens they serve to envision the future happening today. Visit SunGard Public Sector at www.sungardps.com.

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