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“The City of Kingsport has found the mobile product to be a user-friendly product that saves us time and allows us to work more orders each day. Customer Service estimates that it saves them 2 hours per day. Water Maintenance estimates that they get 150 additional orders completed per day since they don’t have to come back into the shop to pick up the orders. It has saved on paper and fuel costs. One big advantage is that the information is electronically entered, which saves us having to key the data and scan the actual orders. We love the product.”

- Barbara Lane | The City of Kingsport, TN

Harness the full capabilities of your NaviLine software with Mobile Solutions. The NaviLine Mobile Work Orders/Service Orders application enables the users to complete tasks in the field, eliminating the need for paper and the additional staff time to record the results in the application software. Additionally, it enables real-time online results. Simply put, the application saves resource time and paper, improves response time, and adds consistency.

NaviLine Mobile Work Orders/Service Orders leverages the rich functionality of the NaviLine Work Orders/Facility Management application, while providing an easy-to-use mobile solution for field personnel. This cost-effective mobile solution offers an enhanced user interface that features touch screens, photo attachments, route directions, and GIS maps, delivered on your favorite mobile platform.


  • Saves time with data entry, improves accuracy and adds consistency to information recorded by field personnel.
  • Provides office staff with immediate access to current information as work is performed in the field.
  • Eliminates need to call office personnel, record on paper, send emails, etc., additional work that was found to be needed.
  • Allows field personnel to enter costs as they occur, providing more timely financial information.
  • Allows field users to work from a map, providing a quick visual for determining the most efficient and timely route.

“The Mobile Service Orders product has helped the City convert to a paper-free environment, which allows us to have better control of our day-to-day operations by completing our requests more efficiently. Our Field Service Representatives enjoy using the product because it is extremely user friendly. The software works well even through limited bandwidth. Additionally, we have been impressed with customer support as they worked to customize the product to our specific needs.”

- Cara Copley, Treasurer and Revenue Manager | City of Richardson, TX

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